Thursday, June 30, 2011


Google's whole network was down for 5-10 minutes prior to the uploading/making of this blog post. when Google goes down for their rolling server restart, it is not the same as blizzard running rolling restarts. i thought to myself: I NEED TO UPDATE MY ART BLOGUUUUUU.

anyways, here's the finished Enviro of the Week:

In the skies above the western regions, naturally occurring magic crystal formations have caused some of the mountains to float to high altitudes. These crystals are infused with the air elemental magic, and for this reason, when a crystal vein has reached critical mass, is able to lift a whole piece of a mountain to the sky. The dragons that roost in these floating mountains lay their eggs in areas where the crystals would form near or around the clutch, allowing the dragons to absorb some of the crystal properties very early on. The magically infused dragons are thus able to manipulate winds, allowing them to fly higher and faster than other dragons. Some of the greater dragons of this air brood have been known to have power to create storms various kinds, manipulating air thermals to cause even rain, ice, or snow.

Thanks Noah Bradley for the encouragement and advice.

Let's see which weekly event i'll be tackling next week!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

monday night, tuesday morning. Environment of the Week 167 (Elemental Dragon Hatchery)

progress. the colors feel a lot better in the middle/background, i will fix the foreground later to match the new colors. the dragon is kinda stark with it's crystal blue, so i might go back and change that too, or i will add more of that blue in the foreground (possibly more blue splotches and crystal shards in the eggs and rocks in the foreground). there are still some funny tangents on the wings i think that will get fixed with the rendering
UPDATE: 2 hours later...

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Concept Art Environment of the Week challenge (in progress)

why is blogger so annoying to use? i feel more at home updating this in HTML than i do with the "compose" tool. I should probably start reading up on web design and etcetera too so i can do my own webpage later on instead of relying purely on freesites like DA's portfolio, or even solely on a blog like this one.

Got a lot done on this image while listening to Noah Bradley's livestreaming and listening/watching some StarCraft 2 pro-gaming event, the Homestory Cup III. Crazy upset where Naniwa beat MC, but very exciting to see a non-korean beat one of the best SC2 players in the world. heh, listening to Noah spam his hotkeys in Photoshop reminded me of the blisteringly high APM (actions per minute) of master level SC2 players