Tuesday, June 28, 2011

monday night, tuesday morning.

ConceptArt.org Environment of the Week 167 (Elemental Dragon Hatchery)

progress. the colors feel a lot better in the middle/background, i will fix the foreground later to match the new colors. the dragon is kinda stark with it's crystal blue, so i might go back and change that too, or i will add more of that blue in the foreground (possibly more blue splotches and crystal shards in the eggs and rocks in the foreground). there are still some funny tangents on the wings i think that will get fixed with the rendering
UPDATE: 2 hours later...


  1. good job, can you do that concept i told you on facebook?

  2. this is pretty sweet looking forward to the final. tits

  3. like a quick concept of a bunch of green rooftops with trees and bushes on rooftops, maybe grass, to absorb the pollution that quickly rises above the city.

  4. dude message me on facebook it's vaguely familiar.